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As we have stated in earlier blogs and articles, there are three main reasons to use the Accessory Power System. The IEC 60320 2-2 component family makes it possible to control power to accessories through the main appliance The IEC 60320 2-2 component system is generally accepted for use throughout the world The use of country specific plug and outlets are not needed for accessory power. The IEC 60320 AC power inlet is the most common way of connecting a detachable cord  set to electrical or electronic equipment used throughout the industrialized world. In this weeks blog we are listing invaluable information found on you can utilize in your next product design. IEC 60320 2-2 Coupler Sheet: a beneficial chart to assist you in picking the correct IEC 60320 for you equipment needs. Guide to World Wide Plug and Socket Patterns: this chart lists specifications for plug patterns used worldwide, listing the voltage, frequency and plug pattern of individual countries Accessory Power Systems White Paper: an in depth white paper describing how to design your product utilizing the IEC 60320 2-2 system. IEC 60320 Overview Video: this video outlines the IEC 60320 directive and explains the various connectors used. Accessory Power System Video: this video looks specifically at how the use of Accessory Power can allow the same components to be used in global applications, rather than having to choose a number of cables with plug configurations to suit the country where the equipment may be shipped.

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