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Appliance sales rising Fashion factors

Appliance sales rising "Fashion" factors

There is a fashion circles long term - "Fashionvictim" (Fashion victims). Its meaning is: all senior constantly chasing behind their luxurious lifestyle fashion people, it is a brand from designer clothing, fashion magazines, star together in "popular conspiracy" victims. Today, when fashion has been detailed to the tone you are using an ordinary toothbrush or large "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", the electric toothbrush, Ipod capacity is two or four G G when the extension also Fashionvictim unlimited expansion. Its coverage of the crowd, a nervous sense of fashion and forced to purchase the fans, can be copied to become any family, any age, for any renewal of the mass consumer products groups. 

Therefore, this issue we have to discuss the topic of household electrical appliances, complete and ex-gratia, none other such "non-fashion word" irrelevant. Promote sales of household appliances in 2007 rising "Fashion", has been neglected topic, the market was accepted 

Of the United States to buy 100,000 consumer trend survey 

Appliance area is not also IN (pop) or a gas (OUT) of such changes? Your household electrical appliances show what kind of personality masters? If you think fashion, she"s never even willing to Fashionvictim unworthily occupy a place it is entirely possible to look at this season"s popular appliances. 

This season"s trend mainly based on household electrical appliances, from a market survey. Last weekend, the United States and 7 in Chengdu celebration of the first anniversary of the end of a comprehensive, general manager of Gome Chengdu BranchÍõÁ¦º¨ºtold reporters: "Chengdu country by the United States on November 24 to December 2 to 9 days of the anniversary, and marketing than the same period last year, an increase of 186 percent, a new record high. "is, the United States and the entire 39-million mall equipped with appliances, goods, and more than 100,000 consumers Cheong enjoy this" delicious feast. " 

100,000 consumers to buy enough to give you a good reason: in the end appliance trends now? What kind of consumer appliances most sought after? What is the price of the most popular home appliances? Chengdu reporter with the US market research centre asking questions in detail in the relevant staff in a separate statistics on the database, we also uncovered the answer -- 

TV:ºÚ¾¡ìwith LCD glass 

"LCD and plasma TVs accounted for 90% of TV sales above" such data in the passing of an important message: buy color TV, if you do not choose to LCD or plasma, which is certainly outdated. It is learnt that the liquid crystal or plasma in the celebration of the first anniversary of the United States in July sales accounted for 38 percent of proportion. US State staff told reporters, environmental protection, large-screen, high-definition flat-panel TV consumption trends in Chengdu anniversary of the United States, about 42 inches million, 11,000 ~ 15,000 yuan of the 46-inch LCD brisk sales, due to the Olympic Games next year the arrival of digital signal will be universal, high-definition flat-screen TVs function as a new hot spots, such as Panasonic 42-inch full HD plasma, Hisense 120 HZ real movement HD + Series products, Changhong Championship Series television, Sony W Series LCD, Samsung FullHDM Series etc.. As people"s incomes and the upgrading of the focus on quality of life, consumers compare prices of color television sets at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of the enjoyment. 

Comments to the fashion season and thickɨªÐÎquarter, slightly wide on both sides of the sound compared to the most popular season of the most popular flat-panel television, looks more clear, and thinner. Cover and the base usedºÚ¾¡ìglass, silver chrome and other metal materials, and concealed and hidden audio interface, but also makes it more complete machine clean smooth lines. 

Washing machine: Bordeaux just good silver and black 

Mention washing machines, although many people feel that the most important of these things is practical, but for economic and health needs, you also have to pay attention to fashion trends, it is learnt, energy saving, healthy share of ice washing products also increased steadily, large capacity Energy-saving refrigerators, drum washing machines become the new darling of consumers. 

Well, in this big before in the end to the trend of how to buy products? With the anniversary of the United States in the database, 250 L capacity, the prices of 3,000 yuan refrigerator sales "backbone" force At the same time, three to open the door, open the door of the refrigerator than the same period last year sales were up 62%, 75%. At the same time, sales of washing machine drum is kept soaring, 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan a drum washing machines with more features, the price of the PFP to further expand the market share. 

In addition, fashion personalized communications, digital products, environmental health of small household appliances such as humidifier, Dianhuoguo are also encouraging sales, a trend of household electrical appliances. 

Comments fashion season sales of washing machines season keywords are "color." With the traditional white appearance compared to the extra-2008 issued by the new washing machines, because of the Tang Dynasty stripes, wine red, silver, black, and other rich colors, integrated into the design of the integration of home decoration, more popular. 

Shopping Tips 

There is still time to continue to drive the trend to buy 

For a variety of reasons, if you did not catch up with this wave of home appliances fashion trend and not to worry: December, but also the opportunity for you to continue to fill this year"s trend of buying products. 

It is understood that each of the countries the United States in December Group will be launching a nationwide celebration, "passion December, the holidays every day" has become a brand activities of the United States: 25 as of early December, the United States and "a special day , there are surprises every day, every day there are ethical, and every day shopping easier, "to let you enjoy Chang appliance shopping. 

Right now, the United States has been early to get involved in purchasing a large number of quality household appliances, and many of them are manufacturers will be launched in 2007 the new, underwriters customization of the United States not only "one step ahead" in advance to seize the home appliance market share, has been made even more obvious price advantages. "Every major holidays, the competition for limited market, businesses will be a large amount of promotional resources into limited time, exacerbated by the invisible in the fierce market competition, individual businessmen and even the use of improper means of competition, this does not mean the benefit of the entire household appliance market in the orderly and healthy development "of the United States related to the responsible person told the reporter" passion December day holiday "purposes.


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