Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group - A leading manufacturer with ISO9001:2000 certified of international standard power cords and cord sets with UL, CSA, VDE, BSI, PSE, KET, SEV, SAA, IMQ, IRAM, KET, GOST, and UCIEE certificates. Products are RoHS compliant. Weather balloon, meteorological balloon also available from 10g to 2000g.
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We are a leading and professional supplier in China of meteorological balloon, weather balloon and sounding balloon. We have exported our products to more than 40 countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Italy, France, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, etc.
We offer a full range of meteorological balloon from 10 gram to 8000 gram which are widely used in weather forecast, target track in air force, near space national defense scientific research, earthquake mitigation, typhoon and hurricane detection, etc.

With a professional technical service term, we offer superior quality meteorological balloon.Our main model 350 gram balloon can rise up to 28-29km, and the average burst altitude can be 26km (85000ft).Our NSL series balloon can rise up to more than 40km(130000ft) which is the highest altitude in the world.

At present, we have following superior performance meteorological balloons in the world market: 300g~800g ( bursting altitude 22,000m~35,000m with effective rate more than 90%); 1600g and 2000g balloons (bursting altitude over 35,000m with effective rate more than 90%), 3000g/NSL-40 sounding balloon ( bursting altitude over 40,000m with effective rate more than 90%)
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Meteorological Balloon
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Meteorological Balloon
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